It appears that you sometimes need to get some help in order ro overcome difficultes, to formulate a good goal, or you just want to share a problem. And you have no time to meet a professional or you are away or you just want to do this while you are at home. It is a good reason to look for a service that you can get from a distance. For people in a similar situation we can offer e-services like:

Counselling by Telephone
Online Counselling
Online Personal Coaching
Solution Focused Therapy Online

These e-services you can get by telephone, e-mail, Skype etc.
and all distant services are very suitable for people who:
  • Prefer to get help while they are at home
  • Need some assistance while they are at work
  • Have difficulty to find time for a specialist
  • Travel very often
  • Live in a place that is away from professionals
  • Prefer to keep their confidentiality

In case you want to take advantage of our e-services, please write to:

There you could describe your contact preferences, possibilities in time and other conditions. After making an appointment you can get in touch with us by Skype searching for username "pikcenter". We will do our best to be of use to you.