About PIK Center

Suppose that instead of analyzing problems that happen you focus on your future and on the steps for finding better solutions. This appears to be a radically new approach to work with people. We call it Solution Focused approach and it is the main philosophy in our daily professional activities. The Solution Focused approach can be described as innovative, oriented towards possibilities and based on interaction. Our mission is to be useful and helpful to clients and partners and to find the best ways to overcome obstacles, difficulties and problems. We believe that two or more heads think better than one and follow these simple pragmatic rules:

  • Do something and if it works, do more of it
  • If something doesn't work, do something else
  • If it isn't broken, do not fix it
  • Changes are inevitable
  • Small changes lead to big changes
  • Action is in the interaction

The Solution Focused approach was originally developed in BFTC, Milwaukee, USA for clients who needed therapy and it was disseminated in different areas like education, business, organizational change, sport, etc. It's values are based on simplicity in philosophy, language, interaction and change. It aims to discover what works in a particular situation and how you can improve it. Having the focus on solutions (not on problems) and on the future (not on the past) leads to a positive change and helps clients to find out what is best for them and how to reach their goals.