"Problem talk creates problems,
 solution talk creates solutions"
     Steve de Shazer

In our mutual work we take care of the individual needs of our clients and we try to be of use to them. We prefer not to look for the causes and explanations but to find out clients' skills, resources, abilities ant strength in order to overcome difficult situations. And as we follow this philosophy we believe that for the clients it is better to search for possibilities in the future instead of "digging" problems in the past. Together we can direct our attention and energy to finding the best way out of the problem and into the new path of good change.

Solution Directed Coaching

Coaching can be described as "Comfortably bringing important people from where they are to where they want to be". When you want to have similar experience and to make some changes for the best, to utilize your personal resources and to reach goals easier you can participate in the coaching process. During this process you will:

  • Develop your creativity and ability to make better decisions
  • Stimulate yourself to cope with new and unexpected challenges
  • Improve the way you can influence other people
  • Build and refine your own skills and abilities
  • Find better methods of dealing with stress and managing the time
  • Establish better conditions for lifelong learning

We try to move in the same direction as the client, to follow their speed and to help the client not to bump into something. And there are a lot more benefits you can get from taking part in coaching, such as: better communication, self-awareness, commitment to daily activities and better performance you can get in coaching. The process can be described much more as "learning in the appropriate time and place" instead of "learning things because of accidental negative experience".

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

We believe that the Solution focused approach, which is based on a lot of experience and proved to be very effective in different areas, can bring our clients to good changes. Together we look for small steps that can be made, discuss clients' goals and give them various tasks. How we work in Solution focused way you can read from here.

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